“What. A. Race.” – Canadian Duathlon Championships Race Recap

Canadian National Championships…blazing fast athletes, the Iron Nun, an 82-year-old champ = success on all accounts!


Dislaimer: I (Jesse) raced in this race, finishing 4th overall. It’s a tribute to the race quality that this will be one of the most impartial race reports I’ve ever written, despite being in the race and experiencing it firsthand.

Nationals Start Line A stellar field setting off on a long, hard day of racing (Photo: Jesse Bauer)

This sport has come so far since we started doing this, and today was another step in that direction as one of the most competitive fields in a duathlon in the last 5 years (at least) toed the lined and 100% delivered on the hype. Let’s talk quickly about the course first, just to frame this fantastic race.

We posted a preview leading up to this race based on some Mapmyrun simulations and a brief run-(walk) through a couple of days before the race. The course was going to be a difficult one for…

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