How to master draft-legal racing

For most duathletes, draft-legal racing is a new opportunity this year. Drafting, riding in a pack, forming or chasing a break…most bike racers know these skills, but “du” you?

Draft-Legal Duathlon

If you want to compete in the ITU Draft-Legal Sprint Duathlon World Championships in Penticton, Canada, you’ll need to know some basic pack-riding skills. Otherwise, you may find yourself time-trialing at the back of the pack, and what fun is that?

To help you your quest to ride assertively and safely in a draft-legal race, duathlete and coach Eric Schwartz put together a podcast on that very thing. Check it out here.

Still got questions about draft-legal racing and skills? Ask them here. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it for you. Du It For You at your service!

Oh. And if you do have your eye on Penticton, you’ve got to qualify. In the United States, the place to do that is at the USAT 2017 Draft-Legal Sprint World Championship Qualifier in New Orleans on November 6. Place in the top 10 in your age group and finish within a to-be-determined cutoff time, and you’re in!

If you’ve got New Orleans on your race calendar, I wish you the best race ever.

My duathlon season has come to a close, so no run-bike-run for me until early 2017. In the meantime, I’m running ridiculously hard in USA Track & Field-Pacific Region’s cross country series, which takes place along Bay Area hill and dale until mid-November. It’s a nice change to take part in a bunch of no-frills races—no transitions, no fancy bikes, no aero anything. But the level of intensity is like nothing else.

Happy running-riding-running,

–Du It for You



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